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Regular Deadline:  August 25, 2023


Attention Security Manufacturers!

Show the Industry How Your Products Solve Real-World Security Challenges

Security Sales & Integration proudly presents its product application honors program for the electronic security industry: The Security Solutions Awards.

 For manufacturers who claim their products are the best, first of its kind, revolutionary, and game-changing.

However, the real test―especially when dealing in the sometimes life or death realm of security and safety―is how those solutions truly meet the needs of both the security integrator and their customer. How does a given device or system deliver problem-solution results in the field deployed in real-world scenarios? 

"That is the true litmus test and why SSI founded the Security Solutions Awards,” says SSI Editor-in-Chief  Scott Goldfine. “This program is both an outstanding platform for security product suppliers to showcase their wares and a unique source for integrators to identify project solutions.”

This is not a standard product awards program but rather something even more important to security professionals and their customers — it’s a measure of how manufacturers’ devices perform in actual deployments in the field. 


There is a lot that goes into each submission and not much time to enter,
so we've made this program easy with a "2-step submission."
1 - Pay to enter now (without completing the whole submission process)
2 - Come back at any time before the deadline to finalize your entry!